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20 Ft Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal, West Bay DIY Weather Stripping Bottom Rubber Length Totally(sealant not Included)

20 Ft Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal, West Bay DIY Weather Stripping Bottom Rubber Length Totally(sealant not Included)

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  • KEEP YOUR GARAGE CLEAN– Designed to prevent leaves, dirt, grass, wind-driven rain, and snow from entering your garage when closed. Reduces the damaging effects of condensation (rusting) and stops wind-blown rainwater from entering the garage
  • DIMENSION: Totally 20 FT in length ✖ 3.15" in width, The 3/5”(0.6") tall profile forms a tight seal with the door for a cleaner, drier and quieter garage.
  • MORE DURABLE – The EPDM rubber material is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperature exposures, punishing weather conditions and work over daily. When properly installed, this seal will not crack, dry out, break or shift.Great choice for yourself or Christmas adults family gifts for friend.
  • REDUCE YOUR HEATING OR AIR CONDITIONING COSTS – The seal’s profile make sure a tight fit with your existing garage door when closed – keeping out cool drafts in the winter and keeping heat out in the summer to save you energy and money.
  • INSTALLS QUICKLY –Our seal is fitted to the floor by sealant and Our seals are installed quickly and simply. Every seal 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Did not keep water out

Did not work keeping water out of the garage. I would not recommend.

Amazon Customer
Works as advertised!

I installed this to keep rainwater from entering my garage. There is no glue/adhesive included so I used gorilla glue heavy duty adhesive in the caulk tube to secure this to my garage floor. Highly recommend that you unroll the strip for at least a few days to flatten out the strip and use heavy duty snips to cut to length for a clean look. Lay it out, then close your garage door and position the strip to ensure proper fit, then raise the door and either tape or mark with a pencil or marker one or both sides of the strip to ensure proper placement of the strip after you put the adhesive on the back of the strip. Helps if you have 2 people to do this part or you will end up like I did and smear some of the adhesive on the floor instead of under the strip. Hope this helps with the install and keeping out water, leaves, etc.

A Jacobs
Sold purchased and working as advertised

Very easy to cut to length. I added my own adhesive so not sure how well this would stick on it's own.
Purchased to help seal an uneven under garage door. Sold purchased and working as advertised.
Would purchase again from this company.

Bill b.
Great product saves time and money

Garage floor and driveway different heights making garage floor soaked not now wow!!!!!


Great for moving run-off water around.