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Card Binder 4 Pocket Double-sided

Card Binder 4 Pocket Double-sided

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UNIVERSAL SIZE: The card binder is double-sided with 50 pages and 4 pockets/page. Hold up to 400 cards that are enough for your daily travel needs, without the hassle of sheer size. It's tiny, so small and cute, that you can even carry it in your pocket.
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Customer Reviews

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Great card binder

My 10 yr old uses this for football cards and he carries it all over with him. It is sturdy and durable, so far none of the card pockets have come apart or torn.
Sleeves stay in the binder so no open and close snaps that come apart and spill sleeves. Plus having the elastic strap is great for keeping it from falling opened and cards falling out.
Only downside is number of sheets it contains. Wish it had a few more pages. Plus you cannot rearrange pages without taking all the cards out and moving them around.

Nice Case

Pretty nice case and actually getting ready to get another one.

Sara A.
Pretty good card binder

My kids have amassed a giant collection of Pokémon cards and are always in need of somewhere to keep them. This binder has worked well so far and there is no need to worry about pages falling out or getting stuck within the rings as the pages are set directly within the binder. The pages are on the thinner side but have held up so far. Cards are inserted on the side which makes putting the cards in much easier, lowering the chances of damaging your cards. Overall, this is an easy to use binder for cards.

Rebeca Gambino
Cookie run cards

(I knew the binder was going to be big but damn) I haven’t see anybody on here post a review with cookie run cards on any pages or binders so here you go! The cards do fit in and can fit more then one card in one pocket, and on that note there’s also extra space for your sleeved cards, the only complaint I have is about the left page of the binder, you can’t just slide your cards right in like the ones on the right pages, it’s kinda tight and you have to move quick, you have to lift up the plastic thing and slide it in with two or one fingers to adjust it ( I show on video) but it isn’t as bad, just letting you guys know, but I guess that means your cards on the left page are extra secure and won’t slide out! Oh! And you can stick stickers on the binder to!

Can't beat the price!

This is a great quality binder especially for the price. Bought another after first arrived.